Thursday, June 25, 2009

Deborah Michael Langsam

“Circuitous” might be the word to describe Deborah’s path to art. The colors, shapes, and textures of fungal spores led her to a doctorate in botany from Duke University and a career as a biologist at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. After twenty two years her attraction to the visual and tactile took a different turn … this time in the direction of textiles.

Working now as “Barking Dog Fiber Art,” Deborah creates contemporary wall-hangings and fiber art wearables. Her wall-hangings combine traditional quilting techniques and fabrics with an array of unique materials — photo transfers, beads, and found objects — to form original contemporary designs that play with color, texture, and light. Many of her pieces incorporate urban images and some of her most recent works draw on these images to form fabric mosaics and landscapes.

“Fiber art marries two of my passions … science and art,” says Deborah. “At the core, science and art projects are pretty similar: you usually need a little precision, a bunch of trial-and-error experimentation, and then a whole lot of creative problem-solving. And just as in science - where there’s always a story behind a discovery – there’s also always a story behind the fabric and stitching.”

In addition to private collections across the country, Deborah’s work can be found at Maddi’s Gallery and at Beet Contemporary Crafts & Functional Art (both in Charlotte, NC). The proceeds from Barking Dog Fiber Art are donated to SupportWorks, a non-profit charity in Charlotte, NC that helps people find and form support groups and research medical information.


Havdalah I (2007) 20" x 20"

Tikkun Olam II (2006) 15" x 44"

Under the Watchful Eye of Queen Charlotte (2009) 28" x 46"

Under the Watchful Eye of Queen Charlotte detail (2009) 28" x 46"

Me'irah's Quilt: Study of Torah is Equal to Them All (2007) 33" x 22"

Driving Up to the Penguin (2008) 25" x 58"

I Wish I Had a River (2007) 15" x 39"

I Wish I Had a River detail


  1. Dear Deborah - I love your work! It has been a pleasure and a privilege to host your exhibition at Beet Contemporary Crafts & Functional Art. Thank you kindly.

  2. Debbie,
    I love your new website entry on Fiber Art Options. It really shows your range.
    I brag on you always and think you and Joal are a tribute to retirement, good works, and loving what you do. What clever critters you are to reinvent yourselves in luscious fabrics and chocolate!

  3. Hi Nancy:

    Thanks again for your generosity and for all you've done. I loved having my work at the gallery.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!


  4. Hi Sharon:

    Thanks for the lovely comments! You always manage to make my day....

    Looking forward to hearing about your next adventures (language? arts? community service)...

    Love to you,