Thursday, January 15, 2009

Susan Brubaker Knapp

Susan is a quilt artist, quilt pattern designer and teacher. She loves traditional hand quilting and needleturn appliqué, and also embraces innovative materials and techniques. She started making “art quilts” — works of art executed in fabrics and fibers — in 2005. Susan’s quilts have won national as well as local awards, and have been exhibited at national and international venues.

“Creating fiber art is my consuming passion,” Susan says. “I am an artist who works in fabric and thread. I find great joy in creating works that draw people closer and invite them to savor color and texture. All my art is a deep expression of my values and a succinct statement about my hopes for and concerns about our world.

“Art is my way of celebrating and documenting the deep mysteries of human beings’ relationships with each other, with our innate creativity, and with the natural world. Much of my work explores metamorphosis and transformation.”

I See the Moon (2012) 24x60" 

Hope is the Thing (2011) 36x48"

 Heirloom Pumpkins (2012) 15.5x20.75"

 Psychedelic Peacock (2011) 48x48"

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