Friday, September 30, 2011

“Meadowood Stitched” opens Oct. 1st

One hallway where “Meadowood Stitched” is exhibited
Today we hung the “Meadowood Stitched,” exhibition at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden near Charlotte. It is a beautiful venue. This is the second year we have exhibited our work here. The exhibition officially opens tomorrow, and Nancy G Cook will be there demonstrating how she creates her work. 

P.J. Howard was among the first of us to arrive. Does she look prepared, or what? I love her t-shirt; it says, “I make stuff.”

We got to work. First we laid out all the pieces on the floor, and decided what should go where. Then we hung the pieces and took a preliminary look. Here is DeLane Rosenau hanging her lovely felted wool piece:

After determining correct placement, P.J. and Janet A. Lasher measured to make sure that the pieces were all hanging at the right height:

Nancy (right) worked out details with Cynthia Klemmer, DSBG’s director of education:

Here are photos of some of our pieces:

by Janet A. Lasher
by Linda Stegall

by P.J. Howard

by Deborah M. Langsam

by Susan Brubaker Knapp

by DeLane Rosenau

by Nancy G Cook
One of two hallways where “Meadowood Stitched” is exhibited
My butterfly invites people to come down the hallway to “Meadowood Stitched”