Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Susan Brubaker Knapp here. I’ve been a busy bee lately – at least when it comes to making art – but I see I haven’t posted lately! Here are some photos of two new pieces. This first one is called “I See the Moon.” It is 24" x 60". You can read about how I made it on my blog starting here and going back in time in earlier posts. Here are some detail shots:

This next one is called “Passion Flower.” It is 15" x 19-1/4", and is one of two projects I am creating for my Once in a Blue Moon Fiber Art Retreat, which will be Oct. 4-7 in Black Mountain, near Asheville, NC. You can see how I made it by reading my blog posts starting here and working your way back to earlier posts.

I’m working on the second project for my retreat now. It is based on a photo I took at a farm stand several years ago, and features heirloom pumpkins. Come and watch my progress on my blog!