Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Surface Design Conference 2009

Janet just got back from the Surface Design Conference held in Kansas City.

Hooray for summer and BBQ - which is everywhere this time of year in Kansas City. I had an amazing time.

All the exhibitions were wonderful and covered all types of fiber art, including encaustic, machine and hand embroidery, some amazing felting, knitting and crochet, beading, textile design, and well - everything!!

It is a wonderful conference with something for everyone, lectures on art v. craft as it relates to fiber, demonstrations, great talks on ethnic textile traditions, and multiple day workshops.

Alice Kettle's extremely large and heavily embroidered tapestries were on exhibition at the Belger Gallery - they were spectacular. She gave a talk one evening and discussed how she works - for hours on an industrial machine to stitch these heavy pieces onto a canvas foundation. She uses every type of thread working from the top and the bottom of the pieces.

Here are a few photos taken at Alice's exhibition.

I took 2 great workshops - one using on textile design and was lucky enough to assist Els van Baarle in her 4 day Batik workshop. I have posted a batik book I worked on during that workshop on my blog click over and take a look!

I am back in the studio for at least 2 solid weeks - I will post on progress soon!

Susan! - what wonders you are making with the samples from our workshops together!