Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 Charlotte Quilt Show

 This past weekend, the Charlotte Quilter's Guild held its yearly (well, mostly yearly) quilt show...over 250 quilts, about 40 vendors, lots of happy attendees, and lots of fun.

This year's show was judged by Kathy Sullivan and Laura Patridge --- and Fiber Art Option members did pretty well (including a "Best of Show") are some of the ribbon highlights:

Any Woman...Every Woman by Debbie Langsam  (image on quilt adapted from a photo by Arindam Bhattacharya) (1st Place:  Pictorial Quilt;  Honorable Mention for Artistic Merit from Mint Hill Arts,  Small Quilt Best of Show)

Cymbidium by Linda Stegall  (3rd Place:  Pictorial Quilt)

 Yellow Orchid by Linda Stegall  (2nd place:  Art Quilt)
Orchids Squared:  Purple Passion by Debbie Langsam (3rd Place:  Small Pieced Quilt)

Blue Orchid by Linda Stegall  (Honorable Mention:  Art Quilt)

Meadow Frost by Debbie Langsam (1st Place:  Art Quilt)
(images on the quilt were adapted from an original photo by Ralph Hockens)

Meadow Twilight by Debbie Langsam (1st Place:  Little Quilt)

 For more quilt show highlights check out Mary Jerz' blog "Seamless Expressions."  (Be sure to look at Mary's award winning quilt while you're there -- fun, fun, fun).