Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A newcomer's entry...

from Deborah Langsam

As a "newbie" to Fiber Art Options (not to mention blogging...), a post on a new
venture seemed apropos...

It all started with a bag of rice purchased at a local East-Indian grocery store in Charlotte. The rice - which was wonderful - was gone and I was left with an illustrated fabric bag: colorful and a bit funky.


couldn't bear to toss it out. So with a nod to traditional flour/feed sack quilting, frugality (courtesy of Depression-era parents), and eco-friendliness, it is evolving into a beaded wall-hanging.

My initial thought was
to mount it, complete with handle, on a background -- perhaps even stuffing it to give it the 3 dimensionality of a bag still being used for it's original intent. I haven't shut the door on that possibility. Since the bag is illustrated on front and back, a second lovely lady - this one including handle - still waits for me.

For now, however, I've taken a different route. I cut out the central motif and appliqued it onto a background of red, green, and black; I'm beading it for a more "Bollywood" effect.
What you see below are pictures of the partially finished project...

Of course, the problem with beading is to figure out when to stop...and now I'm tempted to cover everything with beads (which also means beads appearing singly, in pairs, and in little groups on nearly every surface of the house...the bead explosion). What started out as "quick" project has, predictably, taken on a life of it's own.

As far as titles...there are two that are currently in the running:
"Recycling is the Mother of Invention"
"Bollywood Rice"

I'll keep you posted on progress...I'm glad to be on board.