Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nancy’s Hemlock, continued

I have finished the machine quilting on the hemlock piece. As you can see, the echo quilting leaves wonderful patterns on the background negative spaces. The larger the background area, the more I can built up a rhythm to the quilting.

I showed the threads that I was going to consider in an earlier posting. My original background threads were too light. Here are the ones that I actually used. I ended up buying that Sulky thread 3 from the left for the background. Now I will do the hand embellishments with embroidery floss.

I love thread and hate to see the end threads being discarded. So I save them for each piece. I gave the threads to my friend Janet who will use them as base threads for her wonderful machine sewn cords. Here is the thread pile from my next quilt. Janet, more are waiting for you!!

Am considering "Stitches for Socrates" as the name of this piece. Feedback on this name will be greatly appreciated. - Nancy-