Sunday, May 27, 2012

Still working small....

About a month ago I blogged about satisfying shoe envy with some small (4"x4") quilted pieces of vibrantly colored and impossibly high stiletto-heeled pumps, all mounted in wooden frames.   

Surprise!  I found that I liked working small.  It was fun and it was freeing --- a pleasant break from my usual process (plan and cogitate, cogitate and plan, repeat ad infinitum). 

I didn't have to "commit" to a giant project;  instead, I was allowing myself to casually "date" around....a little sewing promiscuity, if you will, that gave me a chance to dance with a variety of different partners. 

I had a chance to rework some unused abstract blocks created for other projects:  

Gold and Orange Abstract
Purple Abstract

Play with some skylines:
Charlotte Skyline

 Big City Skyline

and have fun with little landscapes (I've never particularly enjoyed creating larger landscapes, but these minis were very satisfying):

Crop Fields

Moonlight close-up

Purple mountain close-up

By themselves, I have to admit, these "quiltlettes" could look pretty unimpressive...a bit like coasters for a beer mug collection.  But place them in a frame -- and suddenly you have a little art quilt (in fact, several were sold a couple of weeks ago at the Charlotte Art Collective Spring Show).

Interestingly, I think I'm ready to return from my fling (at least for the time being).  I feel refreshed and I may even be ready to commit to one of those big "cogitate and plan;  plan and cogitate" projects  

Wishing you all a good holiday weekend!