Thursday, January 15, 2009

Janet A. Lasher

Janet A. Lasher has been working in textile and fiber related art forms since she was old enough to sit in front of a sewing machine. In 2004, she left her corporate position as a project manager and systems analyst to relocate in North Carolina to work in fiber and paper art forms. Her work is found in private and corporate collections including the Bernina International Corporation in Switzerland.

She works in her studio; teaches embellishment and printmaking, mixed media, and surface design. She lives with her husband and teenage son in the historic district of Dilworth in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Total (2008) 61" x 51"

Multicolor Screen Print (2005) 54" x 43"

Bambara No. 6 – Green Fluri (2008) 61 x 40"

Bambara No. 3 – Cowry (2008) 61" x 40"

Aero (2008) detail

7th Street Windows Exhibit, Charlotte, NC (2008)

Ix Chel (2007) International Bead Show 2008

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