Wednesday, March 18, 2009

“Verde,” “Metamorphosis at Sea,” and Ikea

Since Janet’s screen printing class, I have spent most of my time on screen printing my own fabric for smaller fiber art pieces to be framed or attached to canvas as per photos. “Verde” (above) is attached to canvas painted in coordinated design.

“Metamorphosis at Sea” (below) was made from fabric screen printed at Janet’s class and finished with machine quilting and hand stitching in royal blue for accent. I managed to finish and frame by the March 6th deadline and entered it in the current Mint Hill Arts Metamorphosis exhibition.

My other current endeavor is trying to equip a guest bedroom and bathroom for screen printing (not a really good idea, there is only one large dye stain on the carpet so far).

Ikea’s kitchen storage items are great for studio use.

Pencils, brushes and tools are all visible and within easy reach; thus eliminating the 15 minutes I usually spend going through drawers and baskets looking for each item I need.

–Linda Stegall

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