Friday, June 5, 2009

Peaceful handwork

I started working on this yesterday, and I’m completely hooked. I think it is because I’ve been doing way too much computer work, and I needed to do something by hand, something tactile and fluid. Something where my brain could mellow and the work would take me where it wanted to go.

This started out as white fabric that was partially transformed in a soy wax batik class with fellow FAO member Janet Lasher (see previous post). Here’s what it looked like after that class, but before the wax was removed and before it was washed:

Here are some more shots of what it looks like now. I’m embroidering it with lots of different kinds of floss and thread, and couching down bits of thready fluff that came off fabric yardage after I washed it.

ooooh, this is highly addictive.


  1. Susan, love the new piece. Cant wait to see it further. The color and texture are really intriguing. Nancy

  2. OMG--that is so cool and looks like fun to do. I am on a circle "kick" right now and fell in love with your fabric immediately. Will you post a photo when you are done? Please say yes!

  3. Thanks, Marilyn and Nancy! I'll post more photos as I progress. I've done a lot more embroidery, and am trying to decide if I should use the whole piece (or cut it into chunks)and add some hand-dyed fabrics to make a larger panel, then quilt it (by hand). Maybe continue the circular designs in embroidery on the hand-dyeds?

  4. This is beautiful leaves me with a feeling of soothing.

    I'm interested to see where the work leads.