Thursday, August 20, 2009

A stretch to realism - from janet's studio

The Fiber Art Options group meet today, and I had to miss the meeting. It made me sad that I didn't have a chance to visit with the group and share about all of our new work. So here is my August update.

A friend once said that I went to food markets like other people went to museums - it is true. Whenever I go to a new city I have to scope out the food markets, of course in Seattle and all over the US but also in France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and Japan. Sometimes this makes the people I travel with crazy - why spend a half day looking at lettuce, cheese, and olives, why in deed, but we always have a great time and learn about new foods and customs.

Last week I went to the farmer's market near my house with the camera and took a bunch of photos and brought back a few bags full of avocados, tomatoes, carrots, radishes, mushrooms etc. I love to arrange still life compositions on the wooden cutting boards and bowls that live on my kitchen island - these give me inspiration to chop, saute, and cook - but these images rarely find their way into my fiber art.

The past few months I have been sewing almost exclusively on paper. Most recently, I have been playing around quite a bit with sewn paper collages using handmade papers that I stain with watercolors and dyes. The paper gets torn up, arranged, repainted, and then machine sewn to a heavy paper foundation. Quick and fun to do. I had planned to spend some time in the studio working on collages when I decided to use one of the still life photos from the farmers market as inspiration. Here is the first veggie still life.

Feed back anyone?? (be kind - I don't do art that are supposed to look "like" things as a rule)


  1. I really like the saturated colors of the paper.

  2. Love your paper collage.....especially the simplicity and boldness of colour. Show us some more!

  3. I understand the food market fascination...we call it "recreational food shopping" at our house. Remind me to tell you about a pre-Thanksgiving food fiasco when I see you next time!

    I think the piece is great -- you've got some realism, without overworking the veggies; you've got some funk without losing the essence of the realism.

  4. I like how a few things go out of the boundaries... maybe you could extend them a bit more, especially on the right side?