Monday, September 28, 2009

New Work

A few weeks ago I joined the SAQA Visioning project. This is a step by step, year long project that participating SAQA members will use to define one long term goal to help them move forward in their art careers.

My goal is to to define my artistic voice, to work towards narrowing down a couple of processes/techniques I want to use consistently in my work. From time to time I will report my progress.

This week I finished quilting 2 new pieces. The small red work below has been sitting waiting for some quilting. I find I enjoy the linear look of evenly spaced quilting lines and, of course, these colours always intrigue me.

The 2nd quilt is a definitely a departure from the warm colours I usually gravitate towards. For this piece I did a little experimentation with discharge paste. I cut circles in a freezer paper stencil and ironed it on to the quilt top, making sure the inner edges of the circles were completely sealed.

I find this is a much easier way to discharge fabric than using liquid or gel bleach. The paste (from Dharma Trading Co) is a gel medium consistency that I brushed over the stencil with a foam brush, waited for it to dry, gave it a good steaming then washed it out.

I will experiment with this some more to see if I get any different results that would vary the amount of discharge. Even though I prefer not to use the noxious bleach I will still do more comparisons with that tool as well.

~ Grace ~


  1. Grace,
    The vibrancy of the first piece is wonderful and I will have to look into the discharge paste. That does seem a neater and more predictable way to work.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are gorgeous pieces, Grace. I just love your color sense. I'd love to see some close-up photos of the stitching!

  3. Hi Grace,

    As you know, I love the first piece. Great color, great design -- a perfect example of "less is more"


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