Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Ups and Downs of Entries

This has been been a wild couple of weeks. I have entered a number of juried exhibitions; both art shows and art quilt shows. The results are win some, lose some. I did not get into Elements, while not unexpected, it was still a real disappointment.

I recently joined the Charlotte Art League and had one piece accepted for their Fall into Art juried show. The photo below shows a detail of the accepted piece.

Winter Fruit detail

Three of my winter pieces will be in an international juried art exhibition, Winter Whites, at the Ciel Gallery here in Charlotte, NC.

Here are details of two of the pieces in that show.
Reclamation, detail

Winter Confection III detail

Photos of the full size quilts are on my website: .

Below is the e-invitation to the show. Reclamation is the lower right detail in the collage. Ciel Gallery (1519 Camden Road) is next door to CAL (1517 Camden Road) and the openings are both this Friday from 6-9. I will be skipping back and forth between the two venues. At least they are not across town from each other.

If you are in the area, I hope to see you at the openings.

Observation: The major difference in the jurying process for these art exhibitions and the art quilt exhibitions has been the length of time that submitted work is tied up waiting on jury results. The art shows let the artists know the results within a week; the art quilt shows take months to let the artist know, thereby tying up entered works for months even for work that is rejected.


  1. Congratulations Nancy on getting into both exhibitions! (remember to put your running shoes on for both receptions tomorrow, lol).

    Since I am just getting into the show arena I have not yet experienced the "ups and downs" of entry.

  2. Grace, it is time for you to get your feet wet. Your work will stand up well. Nancy

  3. Well done with those acceptances Nancy. But I do have to differ on your times comment - some but not all take ages - Quilt National for example takes about 6 weeks from the close of entries to notification of acceptances - considering the odd 1400 plus entered, I don't think that's an excessive amount of time to wait, really. Once accepted of course, it IS tied up about 6 months until it goes on show, and then, if you agree for it to tour, another couple of years after that,(I have never not agreed ...) but, really, a productive artist has other work to put out there and go on with.

  4. Allison,thank you for your comments. It is great when there is discussion with viewers.
    I was just reporting my observations on the differences of the experiences. Having never run a juried show, I have no direct experience with why it takes so long to get decsions to the artists.
    As you mentioned,the number of entries is probably a part of it. The delay seems to be from entry deadline to jurying.

    One thought I had is that when so many entries are forthcoming for major fiber shows, the overlap between shows may be deliberate to help keep the number of entries manageable. Fiber International had 1600 entries this time and took 3 days to jury. That has got to be tough and tiring to jury, what if it had been 2500?

    And you had a good point about productive artists have enough to enter different work in the shows. For me, some pieces are stronger than others, and my delimma was where to send the strongest work.
    Thanks again for your comments. Nancy

  5. Congratulation on being juried into the exhibits. I saw your work at the art quilt show at Page-Walker in Cary this summer, and am a great admirer!