Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Embellished Travel Journal

Like Susan (see below) I am also in the middle of teaching a workshop at Joggles.

This 3 session workshop is an action packed mixed media project and is based on my Alaska Travel Journal - see Quilting Arts 10/11 2007.

This class includes machine hand and machine sewing, collage, book binding & beaded edging - here are some action shots taken from the class. It can give you an idea of what an online workshop is like.

One of the new journals featured in this workshop is based on a "Good-bye Dinner" for some friends who were leaving the country. Instead of tickets, maps and travel photos, this journal is full of recipes from the dinner, photos of our friends, and a good-bye sign-in page with well wished and signatures.

It would also be fun to make a journal for a first baby
birthday, or other "historic" event.

It is great fun to take a workshop online. You can work on your own schedule and interact with the teacher and other students using online postings.

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