Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bollywood Update....

A Post From Debbie:

A while ago I wrote about my recycling venture with a cloth rice bag (empty of all its rice), a few strips of stash fabric, and some beads. Well the finished product has been finished for quite some time...but life intervenes and it's only now that I've come around to giving a little blog update.

My favorite part of the piece is the avalanche of seed beads coming out of the basket being held by the lovely lady that I've come to think of as "The Rice Princess."

Of course, when I started beading, I thought I'd be doing just a few lines of beads...mostly as an accent to what was actually printed on the cloth.


Several lines into the beading, the whole thing seemed a bit sad and anemic looking.

And so I added a few more beads, and then a few more, and then a whole lot more.

I became intrigued with the way the beads piled up as more and more beads were closely attached to one another on the surface; And now, in its completed state, I like the elevated look and the bumpy, smooth feel of the beads.

The trick, of course, has been to stop myself from beading the entire surface...

So after beading the water (behi
nd the Princess)...

And after beading parts of the Princess' outfit...

...and around the "Premium Quality" banner....

not to mention some of the top...

...I decided to call it quits (at least for now).

However, If truth be told, my fingers itch a little bit each time I pass the piece and I hear my box of beads
calling out to me from time to time.


Best to all, Debbie


  1. Oh, yes, I know that feeling. You can never bead too much! It looks great, Debbie!

  2. Debbie, I love it. Beading can be addictive. Nancy