Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pretty Little Mini Quilts - Review

Pretty Little Mimi Quilts

At a posted request from Lark Books, I volunteered to do book reviews. This little 144 page book arrived along with 500 Art Quilts in my mail last week. Books are second only to chocolate in my list of things to love, so the opportunity to get free books to review was met with eagerness.

Pretty Little Mini Quilts, by Ray Hemachandra, is an enjoyable and easy read that feels good in the hand and is refreshing to read. It is well designed to intrigue the beginner to want to learn about quilting and to tackle a project.

There are 31 different projects that range from fairly traditional to very artsy. None of the projects require extensive knowledge or equipment to do. All are designed to be accomplished with minimal time and monetary investments - a boon in this economy. No quilt is larger than 36 inches.

Breezily written to inspire, it is not a detailed "how to" book. An experienced sewer will recognize missing details that may cause a problem for a beginner.

I could easily see a quilting grandmother using this book to introduce a grandchild to quilting. Another good use for the book would be a beginners' quilting class at a fabric shop. The projects are tempting and feel very doable.

In summary, this little book can help increase the numbers of new quilters, especially younger ones. It will not answer all the questions, but may help at least get a younger generation trying to find out some of the questions about quilting. And goodness knows, we do need to help the next generation discover the wonderful world of quilting!!




  1. Who wrote the book? You don't say and it isn't on the cover. Doesn't the author deserve to be recognized? Del in SCalifornia

  2. Del, thank you for flagging me on this error. Ray Hemachandra is the author. He has written some of the other Pretty Little Mini books as well.