Monday, October 25, 2010

NFO-auction-logo.jpg"New from Old" Auction Begins on eBayTonight!
Thirty gorgeous little quilts to collect or give!

The AAQ's annual fundraising auction of 16"x16" quilts donated by artists from all over the US and Canada (including me!) begins tonight on, and will continue through December 6 with four one-week auctions. During the auction week go to the eBay website and search keyword "Alliance for American Quilts." All of the quilts for that auction week will be displayed and all registered eBay users can enter a bid (please note: if you search anytime before or after the auction dates, the quilts will not be viewable).

Don't miss this opportunity to pick out special gifts for the holidays or add to your own quilt collection. Click here to view all 118 quilts and read complete auction information. All proceeds support the Alliance for American Quilts, a national nonprofit organization documenting, preserving and sharing the rich history of quilts and quiltmakers.

My quilt "7 of 9" goes on sale in the second round starting on Monday, November 8th! -PJ-

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  1. Hope your quilt brings in lots of money for this great cause! :-)