Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun with Glasses Cases

About once a summer I have lunch with 5 high school (aka, "old"!) friends. I like to use these irregular meetings to test drive a new technique or pattern. For this summer's meeting, I've made eyeglass cases using a pattern from Quilting Arts Gifts 2009-2010. I started with some peach colored cotton from some unremembered-but-definitely-not-purchased-by-me source. Using acrylic paints, I randomly whisked on some pink, purple, yellow, aqua, and green, with the rough thought of creating a mid-century pattern. Then I stitched with similar colored threads, layered, quilted, satin-stitched the edges, added alcohol-inked buttons, and some conveniently variegated yarn, and voila! 6 unique-but-related glasses cases. Hope my friends like these!


  1. They look great! And who can't use a case for glasses...

  2. PJ,
    These are immensely cool...