Thursday, December 3, 2015

Quilt = Jigsaw = Diversion

For those who are looking for an excuse to avoid the tasks on your current "to-do" list...

The Quilt Show has recently posted quilts by three "Fiber Art Options" members as lovely little online jigsaw puzzles.

My jigsaw comes from a piece called Urban Renewal 2:  Visiting the Old Neighborhood.  

(Spoiler Alert:  If you're someone who likes to do jigsaws without looking at the box cover ahead of time, then DON'T look at the photo below -- or glance quickly and forget!)

Urban Renewal 2:  Visiting the Old Neighborhood

The quilt was inspired by the Brooklyn neighborhood of my childhood.  And the style was inspired by a Valerie Goodwin workshop taken several years ago.  (BTW:   Valerie, an architect by profession, is an extremely creative and talented artist and teacher).

Now here's where the decision-making comes in....  If you just need a quick break from the "to-do" list - choose the 36 "non-rotating" piece puzzle;  but if you really want a massive diversion - one that could keep you safely away from house-cleaning (or rotating your tires, or writing your end-of-year business summaries) for hours - then the 289 "rotating" piece puzzle should be just your cup of tea.  

And, if you still haven't had enough, you can check out the jigsaw made from Susan Brubaker Knapp's Fancy Fish quilt or Susan Lenz's Only Child quilt jigsaw.  Best yet, your could do all three (in the 289-300 "rotating" piece format);  you might not come up for air until after New Year's!

And don't worry, feel free to blame me...although I won't come to your house to do the cleaning, I'll be happy to take psychic responsibility for diverting your attention away from those pesky "to-do" list jobs in favor of a little low stress fun.




  1. How fun! I've never tried one of these, maybe I should give it a shot!

  2. I hope you do! I've only done the "easy" one --- but I might just try to tackle "the big one" on a slow day.