Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Janet is also working on butterflies ...

It is so strange that Susan has been working on a butterfly project, because I have been thinking about the butterfly form also. I renewed my interest in butterflies, after watching a resent PBS program on the Monarch migration from Mexico to Canada up the East of the US.

I often start working with images and shapes by cutting black paper with a very sharp blade. In this case I am following one of the popular excerises from the book Notan by Dorr Bothwell and Marlys Mayfield. This paper cut is similar to the expanded square assignment presented in the book.

I am not trying to copy a butterfly, but filling the form of the wing with sections similar to those of real butterflies and then filling these sections with simple shapes. The paper is then flipped out to create the reverse or negative image. I may not use the outside square in the final design or I might add some more cuts to this field to create more symmetry. This is a good start, but I think a dozen or so cuts and I will have something - or a group of images that I love for an environmental exhibition I am collaborating on with a painter friend. - janet

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