Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lepidoptera in progress

Here’s a sketch of a new work in progress. I’m calling it “Lepidoptera,” and it is based on a drawing I made from my photo of a Painted Lady butterfly. (Lepidoptera is the scientific order of insects that includes butterflies and moths. ) After painting in the colors, I scanned my drawing and then copied and rotated the wings until I was pleased with the composition.

After blowing up my drawing to full size (40" square), I used it to trace all the lines onto white cotton fabric. Then I painted in the colors, using fabric dyes and paints.

I’ve never done a whole cloth, painted piece before, so this is a big experiment. I am also using this piece to wander a bit into abstraction. Most of my work tends to be fairly realistic. I thought it would be a good exercise to start from a photo of a real subject, and then try to make it more abstract, so the focus would be on line and color instead.

I have just started the quilting, outlining my pencil lines that define the color areas with dark blue thread, and beginning to quilt in the colored areas. I always love this stage, where the quilting turns the fabric into a quilt.

–Susan Brubaker Knapp

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  1. Lovely! Absolutely lovely! I truly enjoy it when technique and good design mesh perfectly together.