Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Orchid Progress: Quilt #2

A post from Debbie Langsam

I'm on the homestretch of quilt #2 for the Sensuality Stitched show at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. Yay!

Tentatively titled "Orchid Squared: A Black and White Symphony," it's a companion piece to the first quilt "Orchids Squared: Purple Passion". I'm hoping they'll make an interesting contrast to one another.

The "tiles" of the photomosaic, like those in "Purple Passion," are photos of orchids and orchid related images.

The photos are all identified on the back of the quilt, with credit given to the wonderful, generous photographers who are allowing their photos to be used in exchange for an acknowledgement.

And while I'm thanking folks, I send my thanks to Grace Howes. I used her tutorial on "Facing Finishes" for these last two quilts. It's so much better than any other technique I've tried for quilts needing a nice, clean edge without a traditional binding. The finish, using Grace's technique is pretty much perfect...smooth, clean, polished.

Two more quilts to go - so it's back to the sewing machine...

Cheers to all,



  1. Oh, this looks great, Debbie! Interesting to see it after seeing the purple version. And I love how you put all the individual photos on the back.

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  3. I love how each one is still so very different. Great job Deb.

  4. Thanks Susan and Grace....
    I'm really Looking forward to seeing everyone's quilts together!