Friday, January 22, 2010

Orchid Progress

by K. Grace Howes

I am so pleased to see the finish line for my orchid pieces. Two of the 4 pieces are completely done and the last 2 I hope to have completely quilted in a day or two.

Recently, though, on the Quiltart list there was a discussion about whether a work of art needs to say something.

I thought about that question as I was working on my orchid pieces and realized that for me it's a toss up. Sometimes I feel the need to say something with my work but most times I find I create artwork intrinsically from my soul.

One of my pieces "Woman as Orchid" began life simply showcasing bursts of colour but took on more meaning as I worked on it. In the end it became a statement on how we as women - vibrant, sensual, simple yet complex individuals - try to hide a vital part of who we are.

Our sensuality is sometimes suppressed by societal pressures and, for others, cannot easily be expressed. Orchids, like women, are vibrant and sensual but are so not afraid to show it. Their survival depends on it.

The closer our exhibition gets the more excited I get and just can't wait to see all our pieces hanging together. It should be a wonderful show! If you are in the area, please make plans to come and see it.


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  1. Grace, like you, I am really excited about the upcoming exhibit at Stowe Botanical Gardens. The fiber art is wonderful.
    Often I find that my work says something, and it may not have been what I had in mind when I started. If I pay attention, it often speaks more than my brain comprehened at the beginning.